Tornado Systems specialises in Engine Management technology, principally for the Rover V8 engine. This legendary power unit has been used in many different Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, and also in TVR, Morgan, and Triumph sports cars. We cater for modification (sometimes known as chip tuning or re-mapping) and maintenance of all the manufacturer’s original Electronic Fuel Injection and Engine Management systems that have been used with this engine.
These systems include the Lucas 4CU (with flap-type Air Flow Meter or AFM), the 14CUX (hot wire AFM), and the Lucas-Sagem GEMS system. The last Rover V8 engines used in the Range Rover P38 and Discovery 2 were controlled by Bosch Motronic M5.2.1 (also known as the “Thor” engine), and we are now able to support this too. Over the years we have set up over 2000 engines on Rolling Road or Engine Dynomometer, the bulk of which have been Rover V8s.

However we also support aftermarket systems too, and are able to offer Rolling Road or Engine Dynomometer mapping and configuration services for Omex, MoTeC and DTA amongst others. We are an Omex distributor, and recommend these products as an aftermarket choice because they are one of the very few aftermarket suppliers that carry the full European Type Approval that is a legal requirement for use in a road vehicle.

Over the years we have been asked to set up several other engines, and these include Honda and Nissan V6 engines amongst others.

More recently we have added the highly successful Nissan Micra K11 Bosch Motronic M4.6 system to the portfolio, which is used on the CG10DE and CGA3DE coil-pack engines.