Tornado Systems specialises in engine management technology, with a particular focus on the Rover V8 engine in the many vehicles that it has powered. This covers all the fuel injection and engine management systems that have been used with this engine, manufactured by either Lucas or Bosch.

The company’s founder, Mark Adams, started working with these engines and systems full-time back in 1992. Before then it was a personal interest inspired by his first V8 EFI vehicle, which was a 1987 Rover SD1 Twin Plenum Vitesse.

After some considerable success with this vehicle, some of his friends saw what had been done and asked for the same treatment for their vehicles. This spread and grew to the point that it displaced the regular job, which at the time was designing and writing software for military Avionic high-performance multi-processor embedded systems.

The team at Tornado have wealth of experience not only in vehicle software but in mechanical and electrical repair so we are able to fully understand your the complexity of your vehicle.